5 Top Virtual Reality Blogs

Want to know where to go to get the best VR updates? We’ve compiled a list of 5 top virtual reality blogs where you can get the coolest updates on the virtual reality space.

1. Road to VR

Road to VR is #1 on our top VR blogs list because we love its overall combination of virtual reality news that it provides you. You can find tech updates, release information, and new virtual experiences to check out. Even more you can see how you can work with virtual reality as a business, developer, and consumer. Bookmark this site now! http://www.roadtovr.com/

2. VRfocus -

This blog makes it to the list because if you are interested in how virtual reality will affect gaming or the latest announcements of virtual reality games this is a great spot for you to check out. They cover updates on all major VR news, but we love that if you’re looking for specific news on virtual reality games this site will not fail to provide you the info you’re looking for. http://vrfocus.com/  

3. VR on TechCrunch -

TechCrunch provides a different spin on virtual reality news. While they cover top events, they also add commentary and opinions. While many blogs provide great updates on news, we like to tune into TechCrunch to get candid thoughts and opinions on the evolution of the space http://techcrunch.com/tag/virtual-reality/

4. Upload VR -

If you’re looking for headline virtual reality news this is the place for you to go. It offers a variety of topics being covered, from addressing concerns in the VR space to VR company collaboration updates. You can go to the site looking for releases on new virtual reality games and leave with a new resource for how to develop in virtual reality. It really is a melting pot of virtual reality information http://uploadvr.com/

5. AllThings VR -

One of the newer VR blogs on the block, it can provide you a great quick snapshot of what’s going on in the virtual reality community this is the blog for you. It lists the top interesting VR news from the above blogs and news reports. Great snapshot of what’s going on that you should know. http://www.allthingsvr.co/


Between the 5 of these blogs you should be covered on what’s what in virtual reality. If you have more suggestions that weren’t on this list let us know! Email us at info@ossic.com!


 Photo Credit:  Maurizio Pesce

Photo Credit: Maurizio Pesce

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