5 Cool Videos About Sound

Here's a roundup of some interesting videos related to sound that our team has come across in the last few months. Get those headphones on and enjoy!

1. burkhardtsmaier: Essence of Sound

This short promo for burkhardtsmaier shows how sound can make thing behave in straaaange ways. Made using a Chladni plate, the video was filmed in a small studio with an incredibly hi-def RED camera. If you're interested, here's a behind the scenes video of how it was made.

2. The Sound of Gravity

Go behind the scenes of the movie Gravity and see how even in the vastness vacuum of space, sound is still very, very powerful.

3. The Sound of COS

It turns out that foley sound and fashion really go well together.

4. The Sounds of Star Wars

This video truly is every single Star Wars sound-effect all cut together in one stream for your listening pleasure. Ben Burtt was an audio genius.

5. Sound of Threads

Who know that light, sound, and string could be so beautiful?


Feel free to leave your favorite sound-related videos in the comments below and it might be included in the next roundup!