OSSIC X 2016 Grand Award Winner - POPULAR SCIENCE Best New Tech in Entertainment

After successfully raising $2.7 Million on Kickstarter for the OSSIC X 3D audio headphone earlier this year, OSSIC is now proud to announce that the X has been chosen by Popular Science magazine as the 2016 Grand Award winner for ‘Best of What’s New in Entertainment’.

Each year, the editors of Popular Science review thousands of products in search of the top 100 tech innovations  — breakthrough products and technologies that represent a significant leap in their categories. Being recognized as a technology that represents the future of entertainment reinforces OSSIC’s commitment to creating the world’s highest quality 3D audio headphone experience.

The Best of What’s New awards honor the innovations that shape the future from life-saving technology to incredible space engineering to gadgets that are just breathtakingly cool, this is the best of what’s new.
— Kevin Gray, Executive Editor for Popular Science

The OSSIC X is an intelligent 3D audio listening platform that redefines the way we hear sound in headphones. Integrating various IMU sensors, a beamforming array of 8 audio drivers, and smart audio algorithms, the OSSIC X enables accurate and immersive 3D audio playback that’s tailored to the unique anatomy of the listener.

 CEO Jason Riggs explaining 3D audio concepts at an Abbey Road Red event

CEO Jason Riggs explaining 3D audio concepts at an Abbey Road Red event

“We are thrilled that Popular Science selected the OSSIC X to win the Grand Award in Entertainment,” says Jason Riggs, founder and CEO of OSSIC. “OSSIC is about revolutionizing the way we experience sound, and this award further validates that immersive audio will play a powerful role in entertainment experiences now and in the future. We’re excited for what’s next.”  




Founded in 1872, Popular Science is the world’s largest science and technology magazine; with a circulation of 1.3 million and 6.8 million bi-monthly readers. The OSSIC X is featured in the November/December issue of Popular Science magazine, you can pick up your copy today and view the article HERE!

Learn more about 3D audio at www.ossic.com.