It's an exciting time at the factory as we begin assembling parts together into the OSSIC X Prototype 2.  We received the last of the internal circuit boards yesterday from the supplier, which was the last major component needed to begin piecing all the internals together with the structural hardware. 

With the boards in hand, our electrical engineer left for the lab to begin the integration of the OSSIC X internal electrical system. As of today we have received all the plastic parts, cable assemblies, and most of the metal parts.  We set up the actual prototype production line at the factory, and prepared the necessary fixtures, equipment, and tools to support the assembly process.  

We are now starting with some of the major sub-assemblies, and reviewing and revising the work assembly instructions with the supplier.  The assembly process is proving to be complex, but rewarding as we see all the various parts of the OSSIC X come together.

Pictured below is one of the 6 internal microphones within the OSSIC X. As well as a look at the headband with pad pre-finish.

Change of Update Frequency

We know we've been sending you a lot of emails over here at OSSIC! So that you don't get too tired of us, moving forward we will be posting backer updates  bi-weekly instead of weekly. Expect the next backer update on October 21st