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This past week the OSSIC team got in the Halloween spirit by embracing their inner 'mad scientist' to create some chemical magic. The potion of choice was a liquid DuPont coating that, when added to our plastic urethane molding pellets, makes for a longer product life with reduced product wear.

Currently we are evaluating the second prototype build and modifying the design to prepare for the next production build, where we make sure things can be efficiently put together with high quality results and design tests and fixtures that can be used on the assembly line.

Over the next several weeks we will be performing numerous tests to not only validate the design as we move into the next phase of the product development, but also to ensure that the product meets our strict reliability standards. 


The fit and finish check mentioned above was recently used to test the cable durability during adjustments made to the headband. While the results were encouraging, we learned several ways to improve reliability and even double the durability of the cable — a crucial aspect of the headphone.

Other elements of the headphone are also going as planned. The electrical design is stable, and our firmware and software development is in full swing as the headphones continue to come alive. While there is a lot of work to be done, it's exciting to see the product continue to evolve every week.