OSSIC In The Press

Since our successful Kickstarter campaign, the OSSIC team has been hard at work developing the very headphones that will change the way we hear sound—and picked up a few press mentions along the way. In case you missed any, we wanted to round up some of our latest press mentions over the past 6 months that help highlight the people, technology, and ideas behind the X. 


OSSIC X Wins Grand Award for Best Innovation in Entertainment | "When it comes to virtual reality, video gets all the glory. But hearing in VR—as bullets whiz overhead and floors creak underfoot—is just as key. Heavyweights like HTC and Oculus are working hard on their audio engines, but a San Diego startup is taking multidimensional sound a step further." - Popular Science

Washington Post wrote a piece on "How Tech Cares for Kids" | In a roundup of the top holiday gifts for children for 2016 the Post wrote, "Thanks to the tech of 2016, today’s kids can experience gee-whiz features from birth... To unwind, they can rock out with Ossic’s X headphones, which “adapt to a listener’s anatomy” to create ultra realistic audio effects." 

Below you can hear what THX CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor has to say about the future of audio and his experience with the OSSIC X

Kent Bye, the host of the 'Voices of VR' podcast was able to sit down with our CEO Jason Riggs to discuss audio in virtual reality and the future of entertainment. "We talked about the technology behind OSSIC, dynamic HRTF measurements, how to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the accuracy of their 3D audio solution, and the challenges facing a potential open standard for 3D audio and that contain audio objects."

OSSIC X Named Honoree for Best Innovation in Headphones from CES 2017 | "The prestigious annual CES Innovation Awards celebrate outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products. These awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, and are  judged by a distinguished panel of industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media.  The Best of Innovation Award is awarded to the highest-rated product in each category." 

Maximum PC's Tuan Nguyen had this to say about the OSSIC X headphone experience, "The most impressive moment? I heard a sudden creeping noise coming from above me from behind. I turned around, looked up, and a moment later, a beastly creature broke through the wooden ceiling."

Tuan also had the opportunity to sit down with two OSSIC founders and executives, CEO Jason Riggs and CTO Joy Lyons. During their lengthy talks, they discuss many of the points mentioned in the above article in great depth.