Hello Backers ! We are back with the first update for this month. As you all know by now, the OSSIC X will be one of the world’s most advanced headphones. Everyday we spend on this project, sharing this journey with you each step of the way, we get a little more excited for the impact this technology will have.


The OSSIC X is the most advanced headphone ever built and has over 10 times the number of conductors to support the multiple drivers, microphones, sensors, and the battery compared to traditional headphones. To support all the internal innovation the headband acts as a bridge connecting the electronics to the battery and onboard sensors. During the testing of the recently produced early units we’ve been ramping up over the past two months, our engineers found that the headband cable was not meeting our reliability testing standards . We want every user to be able to wear the X with comfort and confidence and the headband issue was preventing accurate and easy sizing for all head-types.

Our team is committed to delivering a high quality and robust product with the OSSIC X headphones, and to ensure we stand by that commitment we needed to make design changes to the headband architecture. These changes require new part injection molding tooling and the modification of existing tooling. The impact of this is about 8-10 weeks to the product schedule which includes redesigning the parts, designing the new tooling, building it out, and making adjustments to ensure that we  meet our high quality standards. Our headband tool is shown in-line right for your reference:


Over 1,000 parts will be organized and assembled over the next few weeks into 8 internal units. These are what backers will get a glimpse of during CES (Find our booth here). These units are 95% of what backers will see in their package come shipment.  Let us know if you’ll be at CES and stop by our booth for a chance to try the OSSIC X headphones !


Our software and design teams are working on the applications used to control the OSSIC X main functionalities and features to support the OSSIC X across multiple platforms.

OSSIC X users will have access to both mobile and desktop versions of the X Companion Application. The app allows each user to toggle various features of the OSSIC X including microphone mute, total volume control, re-centering, and the 3D audio playback toggle. Future features will be revealed as we progress through the project, there are even more amazing things the headphones will be able to do. Users will also be able to check their battery life, set automated power options for their device, and quickly reference their individual unit information. More updates will come as we reveal the full functionality of the OSSIC software suite.


Our firmware engineering team has been working on ensuring the two on-board CPUs of the headphones are talking to each other using the correct communication protocol. We just finished testing it, and are working on optimizations after the first round of results. Firmware engineers are also working on the multiple sensor fusion algorithms for the head tracker over the next few weeks.

The team is also working on the battery gauge and battery charging calibration which makes sure that an 87% battery reading is correct, and it won't suddenly drop to 10%. We have also engaged a top safety and compliance testing house to stress test the battery and system to ensure safety and reliability in all markets.


Did you purchase an OSSIC X for a friend or loved one for a holiday gift ? We missed pre-holiday delivery window, but we don’t want anyone to miss out on learning about their awesome new OSSIC X headphones coming this spring. We made a certificate that you can print, fill out, and gift them over the holiday season.

Download the certificate HERE!