This has truly been an amazing year for Team OSSIC. We successfully launched our kickstarter for The OSSIC X raising $2.7 Million and selling 10,000 units on Kickstarter from February through April 2016. The OSSIC X was the most funded Virtual Reality Kickstarter campaign in history at the time the campaign ended. The OSSIC X has continued to sell Pre-Orders on Indiegogo InDemand, and OSSIC the web-store, and has sold 12,000 units to date.

Here are a few members of the OSSIC team at our factory over the holidays making sure production of the 3D Audio headphone stays on track. This photo also conveniently shows how the headphones will sit on a variety of head-shapes. 


OSSIC was awarded the best in entertainment innovation technology for 2016 by Popular Science magazine. We recently received our award in the mail and wanted to highlight the acknowledgement to our community of supporters who helped to make this possible. 

The journey to great 3D Audio continues through the new years and into 2017 with the OSSIC team travelling to CES 2017 for the team's most important show yet! Our booth at the event will be the spot to showcase the future of sound in consumer electronics. The Team was privileged to be selected as a CES Best Of Innovation Honoree for 2016, as well as winning an innovation award from Popular Science. 


We would love for our backers to come out to the OSSIC booth where we will have a few items waiting for the first 100 OSSIC audio enthusiasts, including a picture with a team member, an OSSIC T-Shirt, a branded Google Cardboard, and More ! You can find our booth in Eureka Park at the Sands, Hall G Booth 50400. We invite you to join the Facebook page and stay up to the most up to date with our convention happenings.


This celebrate this year, OSSIC presents a short binaural holiday story centered around the sounds of the season and the emotions they evoke. Binaural audio can be recorded by placing microphones at the eardrum of the listener. These recordings can emulate how we hear objects in real life. It's our physical anatomy that plays a critical role in defining how sound enters our ears, this is called our head related transfer function, or HRTF.
With traditional headphones the listeners anatomy is not taken into account. This makes for an incredibly small listening experience, where sound remains close to your head rather than around you. Instead, the OSSIC X is a smart headphone, using a combination of sensors and software to calibrate to the individual listener’s head and ear feature to increase overall sound quality and ensuring the most accurate sound placement. This alone makes for a listening experience that’s ten times more immersive than current technologies. Give the above video a listen with headphones and hear for yourself ! 


While 2016 was huge for 3D Audio, the biggest announcements, and of course the product launch will be in 2017. Stay tuned to all your favorite social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest trends in immersive audio with the OSSIC X 3D Audio headphones.