Good morning everyone! 

Here's the latest and greatest from OSSIC HQ.


Improving Fit
The engineering team has been busy building and prototyping various acoustic and mechanical adjustments for an improved demo unit, including a better fit and acoustic seal. Fit and seal are incredibly important to maintain the integrity of the sound within the ear cup, so this testing process is crucial. 

Ramping up for Prototype 2
Based on the feedback from the first prototype, the engineering team has been engaging with new suppliers and beginning part drawings for next prototype build.

Internal Wiring
With all of the components needed inside each ear cup, the OSSIC X requires quite bit of internal wiring. The team spent time developing the optimal wire layout inside the headband to go from one ear cup to the other and they are happy to have a solid solution that's ready for prototype 2.

Design for Assembly
Throughout the last two weeks, the team identified improved methods for the attachment of the internal components within the headphone. With the many internal parts within each ear cup, it is crucial that the assembly methods be streamlined with the least amount of processes possible. This not only ensures speedy production, but also significantly reduces any errors during assembly. 


Our overseas office received a lot of love this past month. Our current COO and GM of the Hong Kong office, Jose, was interviewed recently by Hong Kong Economic Times. The press clipping is below. 

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- Team OSSIC