OSSIC CTO Joy Lyons will be speaking at VRLA 2016! VRLA is the world's largest virtual and augmented reality expo, welcoming both consumers and industry professionals. The expo will feature cutting-edge demos of the most exciting projects in development for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, and more! Each day will be stacked with a lineup of insightful presentations, panels, and announcements.

Voices Of VR PODCAST - Featuring CEO Jason Riggs

A few weeks ago Kent Bye of Road to VR talked with OSSIC CEO Jason Riggs about the technology, design, and the uses of the 3D audio headphones. We wanted to post this one directly to our blog this time, as the interview is a great way learn about some of the challenges in creating great multi-channel audio in headphones, and how the team at OSSIC is tackling them. Things may get technical so brush up on your sound knowledge for an even deeper understanding of the future of audio, and be sure to check out the Voices of VR Podcast for other great Virtual Reality content.

Google's Omnitone adds 3D audio to web-based VR

Good news for the developers in the crowd. Google announced a platform called Omnitone to add improved 3D audio features to make VR experiences on the web more immersive. Engadget released a full article this week. We're definitely excited to see the continued growth of immersive audio on the web. Not only does this increase access, but it has the potential to make online experiences even more engaging. 


The past few months have been very busy on the software side. While we've been focusing quite a lot on the hardware development, our software and firmware is just as important to the final product. 

This week we ported some of the DSP algorithms to the headphones to test performance. We are doing requirement definitions for features related to the applications for Mac and PC and started prototyping the DSP architecture. 

We have been porting the core algorithms to VST in order to prototype some of the Ambisonic renderers we want for the final products. The system hardware design has been reviewed by the firmware engineers and approved. We have mock ups of the UI for windows and Mac and we are using them for the requirement definition.

Until next week,

- Team OSSIC