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Here’s the latest news and updates from OSSIC to jumpstart your weekend:

OSSIC X Prototype Phase

The next prototype assembly, referred to internally as PA2, is a long process that begins with the review of PA1 and ends with a final assembly of #2. The full PA2 assembly will be starting in a few weeks, but several things had to be kicked off this week in order for that process to begin. This included the initial tooling for all metal components, such as the circular fork, internal mechanisms, and ear cup.

Metal Cup and Fork Improvement

On the subject of metal, it’s important to note that material quality is an area where we did not want to compromise on during the development of the X. The metal parts are complex and required our team to source a custom supplier who could handle the extremely high tolerances needed for the circular design of the metal fork assembly, ear cup, and internal mechanisms. We’re happy to have found that supplier, and as mentioned before are currently beginning part tooling.

Shatterproof Headband

We’re also happy to have settled on a final material and design for our headband. The engineering team prototyped 30 plus headbands in order to refine the fit and clamp force needed for simultaneous comfort and secure over-the-ear seal.  We have secured a vendor with the capability and experience to mold our selected material of TR-90. TR-90 is a thermoplastic composite material that is shatterproof, lightweight, durable, and extremely flexible. You can bend it in all directions without breaking, and we’re excited to be using it on the OSSIC X.

 Several of our headband prototypes.

Several of our headband prototypes.

Abbey Road Visit

This week we’ll be heading back to Abbey Road to meet with the engineering team over there to review our latest prototype. We’ll keep you posted from the "road" :)

That’s all for this week!

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