Dear Backers,

We launched our OSSIC X Kickstarter campaign in February with a mission to create the ultimate 3D listening experience. We were blown away by the support you and the over 10,000 gamers, developers, musicians, producers, and audiophiles that joined us.

In the four months since the Kickstarter ended, our team has been hard at work bringing the OSSIC X to life. In the course of our work, we’ve identified a number of exciting areas where we can improve upon the original design. Those improvements, which we’ve outlined below, will require us to incorporate an additional prototype phase into our development plans in order to thoroughly test the design before final production begins. Based on our current timeline, this means we need to move the shipment dates out approximately 90 days past the original estimated shipment date. The order number of your shipment is not affected. As we get closer to production, we will reach out with more exact dates.

Due to our commitment to high-quality design, and our promise to never compromise on performance or materials we will need to adjust the final MSRP of the OSSIC X up. The OSSIC X is quickly becoming more than just a pair of headphones, and we want the final retail price to better reflect the included features made possible by OSSIC technology. This does not affect your pledge or pre-order, we simply wanted to let you know that by supporting us early you will be getting the best possible deal on the OSSIC X.

Again, we thank you for your understanding and apologize for the delay. If you have any concerns, please let us know at info@ossic.com.



We have decided to use a very powerful, internal, digital signal processor (DSP) within the OSSIC X. This mini-audio computer does the complex calculations needed to process 3D audio from devices other than PC/Mac. Our DSP specialists are working around the clock to ensure the algorithms run smoothly across all the device platforms, and our electrical engineers are testing the circuitry to ensure seamless integration with the sensors and efficient power management.


We’ve been working on optimizing the sensor positioning and algorithms to improve accuracy and sensitivity. This allows us to better customize for your 3D HRTF, and to precisely track the head-motion for smooth and stable sound imaging.


Above all, the OSSIC X is an excellent sounding, high-fidelity headphone, and the drivers are the key to delivering this performance. While most headphones only have 2 drivers, one for each earcup, the OSSIC X has 8, and they are not typical headphone drivers. We have been working with our manufacturing partner for the last several months to iterate on the final designs and things are sounding great.


We have been uncompromising in premium materials and finishes. We have made improvements to the external metal ear cup and the metal fork assembly, which required us to source a custom metal supplier who could handle the extremely tight tolerances needed for the circular design.


DSP, Sensors, Drivers, and Materials are this week’s four highlighted areas of progress and momentum; but in reality, there are hundreds of design decisions made each week on the OSSIC X. As we continue development, the excitement surrounding the project continues to grow. Yet, our mission remains the same: to deliver the ultimate 3D listening experience! This is the guiding principle behind all these decisions.

Again, thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the shift in delivery schedule. As we continue the production of the OSSIC X, updates to the project will be supplied through the usual channels including our Kickstarter updates, Friday blog posts, and monthly newsletters. We are also making ourselves directly available to answer your questions via KS message, and info@Ossic.com.

Thank you! 

Jason Riggs and the OSSIC Team