Excited for the long weekend, everyone? Here’s your Friday update from the team here at OSSIC! 


Last week we paid a visit to our friends at Abbey Road Studios and brought along our latest prototype. We were incredibly excited to be able to take some amazing recordings with the ambisonic microphone of an orchestral session within Studio 2 (The Beatles Studio). This gave us plenty of great ambisonic content to test with our upcoming prototype acoustics. Additionally, the team dug right into getting detailed prototype feedback from the Abbey Road engineering staff and compared notes on the best production pipelines for creating more immersive music content. 


During the trip, part of our team broke off to visit AES in Aalborg, while the rest of the team spent the week meeting with local industry contacts and the London community. Overall, the trip was a success, and we’re excited to return to HQ with some great feedback and action items to follow up on.



Development Updates

Prototype 2 assembly 

This week we are beginning the assembly of the manufacturing prototype 2 (PA2). This means that our team is now finishing last minute tweaks to the design before they are pulled together and tested as a single unit. This process will take several weeks starting now.  

Cable Design  

We recently submitted designs to the manufacturer for our multiple cables that will be shipped along with the OSSIC X. As a reminder, the OSSIC X will come with a USB-A, Micro USB, Lightning, and AUX cable, as well as a USB-A extension cable. Each of the cables will connect to the OSSIC X with USB to increase the durability of the connection and ease of use. 

Firmware Updates

It is worth mentioning again that the OSSIC X is a smart headphone, and the included firmware and DSP can receive firmware updates as technology progresses and new features need to be implemented. 

The OSSIC Blog is Growing

Every week we post a Friday update on the OSSIC blog to showcase the project's progress. This month we've announced some big changes to timelines so be sure to check out last week's update.

If you’re interested in learning more about the incubator program at Abbey Road, we will be publishing an interview with program director Jon Eades next week. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other audio-focused Interviews with industry leaders! If you would like to be featured in an interview, or have a request for someone that you would like to hear from, tell us in the comments!

Building a Community

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