Hello OSSIC community! Welcome to our latest Friday update, this week our design team hit the ground running in China. As the team continues to arrive, we have spent several days visiting suppliers to review and approve parts for the upcoming build which is still progressing as planned.


More of a visual update this week, but we know that most of you are excited to see the hardware anyways! Our team performed extensive testing on the speaker drivers to ensure they were meeting our strict performance specifications. We also have started testing our internal microphones for the best audio experience possible while using the OSSIC X headphones. 

All of the remaining parts will be arriving next week to our factory and we will begin prepping the circuit boards for the installation of internal components. The factory team discussed the current build strategy with our headphone supplier and will continue preparing all the necessary tools and build fixtures to support the prototype assembly line beginning next week. Enjoy some photos of the OSSIC X PA2 below: