Greetings from the OSSIC team!

We hope everyone had a productive week. This project update will be on the shorter side, focusing on continuing prep for Prototype Assembly phase 2 or 'PA2'. We will also be sending 2 more OSSIC team members to our factory at the end of this month to oversee assembly.  

OSSIC X Updates

Headband tooling has been finalized so that we can start to produce the TR90 headband connecting the two ear cups of the OSSIC X. Additionally, the pre-finish metal parts, which will accent the design and add structure, are still arriving from the supplier. As all of these sourced components continue to arrive, they are checked for quality and organized internally. Simultaneously, our electrical engineering team is continuing to ramp up the preparation for the PCBA or, 'printed circuit board assembly'.

The next few weeks are gearing up to be an exciting time for the OSSIC X and the team, we will be sure to keep you in the loop as we receive the newest updates.

On the Blog: An Interview With Abbey Road Red

We’re constantly inspired by how the future of audio is always changing, which makes this week’s interview a good one. We sit down with Jon Eades, Abbey Road Red Program Manager, to hear his thoughts on 3D audio and the future of music production:

I’m really looking forward to hearing how musicians, producers, and engineers use the full 3D sound stage - as I say, not necessarily using these for novelty effects, but rather looking at the way in which they will play with the sense of space and presence. I want to close my eyes and to be fully enveloped in new sonic environments.
— Jon Eades - Abbey Road Red Project Manager

Read the full interview at OSSIC.com/blog

Community Creator Spotlight

We love to hear what people are making in the world of sound, which is why every month we’ll be selecting one project to highlight on our blog. We call it the creator spotlight.

On our first creator spotlight, we’ll be highlighting the small team at OWOW. Based in the Netherlands, OWOW, or the Omnipresent World Of Wizkids, is a creative crew with a mission to make cool things happen in the world of music, technology, and design. They've worked on everything from their own digital instruments to music-related initiatives and projects for other brands. Stay tuned on the blog next week for the full in-depth post.

Wrap Up

This week brings us even closer PA2, and we’re excited to showcase more of the individual parts as they come in. Thanks for following along with us and be sure to check out past updates below.