OSSIC headed to London, England in April for our first meeting as part of the Abbey Road Red Incubator, a new music tech incubator supported by the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Read all about our trip here. 

Being part of Abbey Road Red’s music tech incubator in London has been a significant opportunity for the OSSIC team as part of our startup journey. So many exciting moments in musical history have happened at the studios and we were blown away to be where it all happened. To give it some context, Abbey Road Studios is where the first stereo music recording occurred in 1934. It was where the Beatles recorded their legendary albums, and just so happens to be where Pink Floyd recorded and mixed their album Dark Side of the Moon, as well as mixing it in quadraphonic. It has a history of innovation in the music industry and we’re excited to be working with them as we bring a new and innovative way of listening to content to you.

While we were at at Abbey Road Studios we met with top industry engineers and professionals who were eager to hear about what we’re creating at OSSIC. We discussed in length the technology and received feedback and their proposed use cases for the recording and mixing industry. You can be confident that we’re getting feedback from some of the best in the industry!

 One of the highlights for us was being able to actually test our headphones against the Studio Three surround stereo system. We did this by first having the listener sit with our headphones on at the mixing table, as seen below. We then had the listener alternate between listening to the studio speaker system without our headphones (and this system was no joke) and then listening to a replicated studio speaker system through our headphones. While there is of course work to be done on our early prototypes, we were extremely excited with the results and reactions we got from the product that we’ve developed so far.

Not only were we able to meet with Abbey Road Studios’ engineers, but we were also able to participate in one of the Abbey Road Red spotlight series events, focusing on the next phase of immersive experiences. Over 60 of London’s top virtual reality and immersive experience professionals attended.

Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention the AMAZING turnout that we had for our London Open House event at Tileyard Studios! We had over 100 individuals travel from near and far to get an OSSIC demo, including some of our earliest supporters. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all in person!

So, what does all this mean for OSSIC?

For the next 6 months we’ll be heading out to Abbey Road Studios again to do key studio testing, working with their engineers to make sure we are getting YOU the best possible, top quality headphone experience. We’ll be exploring possible tools and experiences that’ll be exciting for developers and listeners alike, and we can’t wait to provide more updates for our Kickstarter backers!    

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from OSSIC at Abbey Road Red, 3D Audio Army!