October OSSIC X Development and Shipment Update

Hi everyone,

We greatly appreciate your patience in waiting for an update on the shipment status of the OSSIC X, and apologize for the delay in communication this past month. Our team has been working around the clock on the OSSIC X over the past seven weeks, however we have not yet been able to begin the delivery process of the OSSIC X units. We are targeting shipment in early 2018, and will continue to provide updates as we get closer to production.

Since our last update we’ve made measurable progress with both the technology and development. See below for the milestones we have hit since September, and make sure to view our latest Localization Accuracy Test post comparing our technology to other gaming headphones. The results from the data has been nothing short of amazing.

Thank you for supporting us throughout this process of creating a revolutionary technology, and we look forward to keeping you updated with our progress.

Jason Riggs, CEO


2017 Company Milestones (Since September’s Update) 

  • Completing the porting of our DSP algorithms to the PC application to run directly on the Windows audio subsystem. This enables the headphone to use the processing power of the Windows host CPU instead of the on-board DSP in the headphone to support advanced formats. 
  • Achieved headtracking performance that has exceeded our latency requirement, providing smooth and natural tracking without any perceptible lag. 
  • Made the DSP algorithms multi-threaded to reduce processing latency on Windows and have tested across multiple OS versions and CPUs. 
  • Conducted many rounds of subjective listening to test our spatialized 3D location accuracy. We have used this data to continue to fine-tune the accuracy performance of the adaptive algorithms. These test results not only help us refine our technology, but also demonstrate how advanced our tech is over what exists in the market today. You can view the results of these tests in this blog post
  • Developed a sound quality test system in VR based on a mean opinion scoring (MOS) system to ensure that we have a quantitative measurement tool to deliver amazing 3D audio spatialization.
  All OSSIC X prototypes to date, in order from left to right

All OSSIC X prototypes to date, in order from left to right