OSSIC X Development Update: Microphone Array Test Results

Hi everyone!

Today we're excited to share some recent progress on the OSSIC X microphone array, which will be a key feature in the final product.

 Mic array visualization from Kickstarter video

Mic array visualization from Kickstarter video

OSSIC X Microphone Array

As you know, the OSSIC X features a 3D microphone array for superior voice pick-up. Here are a few details:

  • The mic array works together to create a highly-focused pick-up pattern that allows us to pick up your voice and reject/cancel your neighbors.
  • Performs as well and better than the leading gaming headphone without the need for an added boom mic.
  • The mic array is seamlessly integrated into the OSSIC X product design.

How does it work? 

OSSIC X has multiple microphones strategically positioned around the headphone that allow for beamforming. Basically, instead of picking up sound from all directions, the array of microphones is used to create a more focused beam, which is then aimed towards your mouth. This creates excellent voice quality, while cancelling noises beside you and behind you. 

Recent Test Results

To test the performance, we benchmarked the OSSIC X against one of the best gaming headset microphones on the market. The gaming headset we tested has both a microphone boom, which positions the mic very close to the mouth for good signal to noise (i.e. louder voice), and a cardiod microphone capsule, which is a type of directional microphone (i.e. focuses the beam a little on its own). The OSSIC X performs as well and better than this gaming headset, without the need for a boom. See below:

OSSIC Microphone Test.jpg

Seen above: Comparison of microphone responses for the OSSIC X (no microphone boom) and a Gaming Headphone (with boom). The OSSIC Beamforming array creates a narrow microphone beam, which picks up the voice (at 0 degrees), and rejects sounds to the left (270 degrees), right (90 degrees), and behind (180 degrees). This means that the person you are talking to hears you, and not the person sitting beside you, or your dog barking in the background.

Overall, we're excited with the progress and will be continuing to share development updates here and via email. If you have any questions regarding the product or the development, feel free to reach out at info@ossic.com.

Until then, enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday next week!

- Team OSSIC