GDC 2017: OSSIC Audio Guide [Calendar Download]

The time of year is upon us. Developers, gamers, audiophiles, and overall technology wizards converge on San Francisco for the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC). While the event doesn't officially start until Monday, we’re already here in the city and getting ready to see all the speakers, booths, and people coming from around the world.

With so much going on, we decided to create a Google Calendar of all of our favorite audio events at the show, and we're sharing that calendar with you. See below for the link:

In addition to going to favorite sessions and speaker, we'll be doing a bit of hosting on our own at our expo booth. The booth will be at Zone 2, 334. Be sure to drop by and say hi while you're around and get a glimpse of our latest VR and game demos with the OSSIC X.

Here a highlight of some of the top 10 sessions and speakers we're excited to check out:

1.  Audio Game Podcast at Sightglass - Mon-Fri @ 7:00 AM

"If there’s anything you do at GDC, getting up early for this 7am to 9am meet up at Sightglass coffee is a must! The coffee shop is just down the street from the Moscone Center, and Game Audio Podcast does a great job distilling all the audio discussions taking place throughout the week." - OSSIC

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2. Audio Bootcamp XVI: Approaching and Designing Audio for Interactive VR Applications - Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 3:50 PM

"Attendees will receive an overview of the VR audio development process including software tools and pipelines, and be privy to case studies discussing creative considerations and workflows." - GDC

We're incredibly excited to have Sally aboard the OSSIC team, and with her experience in spatial audio this is one not to miss!

3. Redefining the Sound of the Great War: Soundscape of 'Battlefield 1' - Wed, Mar 1 @ 3:30 PM

"The attendees will gain an insight into how the 'Battlefield' audio team approaches the challenge of making immersive shooters that also caters for a wider understanding of gameplay. The attendees will also learn what technical principles were used to shape the overall soundscape." - GDC

4. Audio Bootcamp XVI: Performance Based Sound Design - Tues, Feb 28 @ 3:00 PM

"The audience will leave the talk with concepts and examples of an optional game audio workflow that's more creatively freeing. They will see the basic setup and approach to creating fresh content anywhere in the world with minimal gear." - GDC

5. The Sound Design of 'Star Wars: Battlefront VR' - Tues, Feb 28 @ 4:40 PM

"Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how self-voice can work in VR, how to present music, and how to best immerse the player in a mutli-layered soundscape, along with a set of tools for providing tangible-sounding audio feedback to the player in VR combat situations." - GDC

6. Sounds Deep: Spatial Audio from the Ground Up - Fri, March 3 @ 11:30 AM

"Attendees of this talk will leave with a deeper understanding of how the technologies they use to create great audio in their VR games actually works under the hood. This should enable them to better use their tools and make more informed choices about their game content." - GDC

7. Making Music in VR: Interaction Design for Creative Production - Mon, Feb 27 @ 4:40 PM

"The audience will leave this presentation with a holistic understanding of how the current affordances of VR/AR can be applied to creative production tools. They will learn about what worked and didn't work in SoundStage, as well as what future technologies may be leveraged to improve VR/AR interaction design." - GDC

8. 30,000 Foot View of VR Development: Making 'EVEREST VR' - Mon, Feb 27 @ 1:20 PM

"The talk covers the design considerations and trade-offs made for the various locomotion systems that were used and what the team did to enhance the player immersion progressively through the experience. Where they used real world movement methods for climbing, walking on slopes or overcoming obstacles. Their methods for using cinematic "flight", time lapse sequences and "feeling the mountain" to add emotional resonance." - GDC

9. OSSIC Open House - Tues, Feb 28 from 6-10 PM

"This open house gives you a chance to experience audio using the latest OSSIC X headphones with internal 3D-audio demos. You can even meet the OSSIC team and enjoy some sound conversation before the real hustle and bustle of the GDC expo begins." - OSSIC

Register here.

10. The Sound of 'Job Simulator': Audio Immersion in VR - Wed, March 1 @ Noon

"The takeaway will be exposure to real life case study game examples, and a deeper understanding of what to expect when working on titles for VR. The talk will also give an approach to handling the specific challenges that are introduced when developing for VR." - GDC

While we can’t account for every single event at GDC, we can tell you for sure these are some of our top picks. We're excited for the week!

Download The Full Audio Calendar: