In early 2016, the OSSIC team joined the Abbey Road Red music technology incubator. With an 80-year legacy with sound, Abbey Road Studio’s innovation department supported the team by giving us a space to experiment, test, and discuss how 3D audio can shape music production in the future.

When we began the program, we were close to launching the OSSIC X on Kickstarter and had already put in over a year of development. The Abbey Road Red program offered us a chance to not only test our latest prototype with some of the best audio engineers in the world, but to also develop a shared vision for what the future of audio production with immersive audio could be.

Throughout the six month incubator program, we began to fully understand the incredible potential immersive audio could have on not only the experience of music, but also the entire pipeline — from capture, recording, to the production, and final mix.

With OSSIC, what I’ve really enjoyed is working with them on the whole production chain and the whole workflow for how you produce for these headphones, and enable content creators to create whole new narratives and experiences.
— Jon Eades, Innovation Manager, Abbey Road Red

In celebration, we created a video series that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at this process and shares our vision of immersive audio that we want to bring to both music, and the world.

If you’re a music creator and want to learn more about mixing with immersive audio, be sure to sign up to our creator portal below.