First Time OSSIC X Reaction With Shidosha Hodges

In the span of two weeks, we have met a lot of great people. We went from San Diego to San Francisco back to San Diego and off to Austin for SXSW. One of these individuals was game aficionado and online personality, Shidosha Hodges (@shidosha), who stopped by our booth at GDC. 

In this video, Hodge captures his own reactions from using the OSSIC X with the HTC Vive for the first time. He gets into the details of how 3D sound effects a virtual reality experience. He also has a great, engaging talk with Jason, and what it means to use the OSSIC X with in a virtual reality experience.

“I think for streamers, they will enjoy this a lot,” said Shidosha. “Say you are playing Resident Evil, how sick would it be to hear the enemy behind you show up [in the sound space]? That would be the sickest thing!”

Thanks Shidosha for stopping by! If you see anyone in OSSIC swag, either in San Diego or future event, be sure to say hi! Watch Shidosha's video below.