OSSIC Friday Update, March 24, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a busy couple of months at OSSIC HQ. Not only have we been out meeting many of you in-person at GDC and SXSW, but at the same time our engineering team has been nearing the final assembly of the early beta build of the OSSIC X. With everything going on we’ve been a bit slower on our updates but we’re working hard to get everyone back up to speed.

With that being said, here’s the latest from the past month and half, including product highlights, event updates, and OSSIC X shipping information.

IMG_3728 (3).JPG

SXSW and GDC Highlights

It was amazing to meet many of you who came out to SXSW and GDC. We had an incredible time demoing the latest build of the OSSIC X and getting to know our backer community at large.

For those of you that missed out on the action at GDC, here’s a recap video from our open house event:

At SXSW we we were up for an innovation award in the audio space, but didn’t end up getting the grand prize. A big thank you goes out to everyone who submitted a vote and congratulations to the winners (if not our competition).

OSSIC X Development Updates

The OSSIC X has entered the final stage of hardware development. Many of you have seen the latest look and feel of the hardware at some of recent events, but in case you missed out here’s a few snapshots of the progress:


Durability Testing

With final tooling completed, the headphones have now begun a series of mechanical durability tests to ensure that they can survive the rigors of everyday use (which we know they can). This includes things like flex tests for the headband, drop tests, and environmental stress tests such as humidity, pressure, etc.

OSSIC X Shipping Updates

We’re excited to be even closer shipping the first OSSIC X units out into the world. However, even with our rapid pace of development we’ve had to slightly shift the delivery schedules beyond what we had previously mentioned to allow for necessary feature implementation and required testing before shipping the units to the public.

Based on the latest engineering and development timelines, below are the updated shipping schedules for all customers.

Kickstarter Innovator/Developer Units - Shipment Begins May 2017

Our innovator/developer backers have received a separate email that outlines the next steps for the beta program and additional details regarding their unit. Within this shipment phase is a pre-defined amount of time to allow for a final engineering build, required product certifications, and any feedback implementation before the consumer-ready product shipping phase can begin.

Remaining Kickstarter Units / Website & Indiegogo Pre-Order Units - Shipment Begins End of July 2017

Please note that we will be shipping all existing kickstarter units before we begin shipping website and Indiegogo pre-orders. While the beta program is in full swing, development will continue on final production units for all other backers and pre-order customers. Kickstarter units will be prioritized and all other units will be shipped out monthly based on date of pre-order grouping. Your specific shipment date will be communicated as we get closer to July.


Overall, our core mission is ensuring we deliver the absolute best immersive audio experience possible. We always appreciate any and all feedback, so for those of you who have additional thoughts/questions we’re always available on social media and at info@ossic.com.

Upcoming Event Schedule

While our engineering team continues on the development of the OSSIC X, the rest of the team will be hitting the road again to showcase the latest prototype and hopefully meet more of you in person along the way. Here’s the upcoming event list:


SVVR: March 29-31, Booth 418, San Jose Convention Center

Our very own Sally Anne Kellaway will also be leading a panel on spatial audio in VR. You can check out the details here: http://vrexpo.com/events/panel-spatialize-not-spatialize-audio-vr/


CanJam: April 8-9, Gold Ballroom #61, Los Angeles Convention Center


SDVR Meetup: April 3 / OSSIC Open House @ Office, Downtown SD

Join us as we welcome the SD VR community, and local supporters to our downtown offices for an evening of food, friends and fantastic audio. Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Virtual-Reality/events/238595764/


VRLA: April 14-15, Booth 626, Los Angeles Convention Center

We’ll have some cool stuff to show off at California’s largest VR event. Come say hi!


Until next time,

- Team OSSIC