Listen to some of our favorite game soundtracks

One might claim that music is pure emotion that travels straight to the heart.  In the matter of a moment it can elevate our spirits, make us feel somber, or make us scared. Without the themes and melodies in games, we would just see characters moving on the screen. Music has a vital role in game audio, and the overall gameplay.

Since we really appreciate all aspects of game audio, here’s a list of our favorite video game soundtracks. Enjoy!

Head Automatica’s “Brooklyn is Burning” - “FIFA 2005”

Head Automatica’s “Brooklyn is Burning” was one of the standouts. Played that game to no end. - Drew Downie, Brand Director

The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” - “Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2”

Back in middle school, I was all about my Xbox, and one of my favorite titles was “Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.” “Tony Hawk: Pro Skater” came out around that time, but I was never really much of a skater. Half of the reason of why I loved Dave Mirra was the soundtrack. Before 2001, when this came out, I was listening to a bunch of pop-punk. When I heard The Cult's "She Sell Sanctuary" on the game, my musical tastes changed for ever.  - Kyle Stewart, Copywriter

“Reala's Theme” - “NiGHTs”

Out of all the video game soundtracks I’ve encountered, there hasn’t been a single song that has gotten my heart pumping like Reala’s Boss Theme from NiGHTS Into Dreams. The expert mix of brass, piano, and electronica keeps this theme fresh and energetic, and never ceases to get me jazzed up! - Claire Fusich, Marketing Intern

“Andy's Theme” - “Advance Wars: Dual Strike”

This is my favorite soundtrack because this is one of my favorite games, and Andy is one of my favorite characters. He was one of the best all around characters and had the coolest personality. - Samuel Li, Marketing Intern

“Main Theme” - “Halo 3”

“Halo 3’s” “Main Theme” is an immersive aspect of the the most climactic FPS game of the mid 2000's. The title score cemented both the cinematic overtures of the Halo franchise, and seamlessly integrated the tones of the previous titles into this dramatic sound that still is references in audio to this day. It's hard to not remember the days of Master Chief when that flaring guitar rips into the sound stage. - Joshua James, Community Manager

"Ori in the Blind Forest" - "The Blinded Forest"

I love the track calling out, the sound track as a whole captures the persona of the world and persona of Ori. It is the perfect complement to the gameplay, but also it is straight mediative to listen to on its own. The sound design is very well done, very well balanced. You can tell there’s a lot of conversation between the sound design and the music can work together to showcase the magical world of the game. - Kedar Shashidhar, Associate Creative Director

“Title Theme” - “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

There are three reasons why I love this Zelda track: 1) Interactive sound track by playing the ocarina to perform actions in the game. 2) The fit between songs and the environment they drop in is perfect. 3) nostalgic memories brought back from my favorite childhood game. Bonus: it’s just sick!  - Ramsey Elhadary, Business Analyst

"Dead Space 1" - The whole soundtrack!

The original “Dead Space” soundtrack is still my favorite soundtrack, even after all these years. “Dead Space” was released in 2008, the year that I finished the final year of my undergraduate degree at college. At the time, I was hugely inspired by deeply thematic and emotional titles like “Bioshock” and “Dead Space.” The way all of the sound (including the music) transported the player to these deeply disturbing and threatening worlds was really interesting to me.  Particularly because the variation between "safe" and "oh crap" states could happen so quickly, and really take control of you. - Sally-Anne Kellaway, Creative Director at OSSIC Studios

Photo credit: Wired