Here’s the VR Experience for “Ghost in the Shell”

If you’re a fan of Japanese Anime, this weekend might be very special. The live-action interpretation of “Ghost in the Shell” is starting to hit theaters, and you can live part of the film in virtual reality.

As a part of the release,  Here Be Dragons teamed up with Oculus Studio and Paramount Pictures to create the “Ghost in the Shell VR Experience.” The partnership created a 360-Video film that follows the main character, Major, through the iconic opening scene where she dives off a building as her skin-tight, camouflage suit allow her to disappear into the air.   

While the visuals and the story are captivating, some of the mechanics of the technology may be a little jarring. Adi Robertson, a writer with The Verge, tried out the experience in Rift. “Its full tracking makes the whole thing feel a bit more real,” Robertson explains. “As in the film itself, the cityscapes are beautiful, but the fight scene that’s shown doesn’t feel nearly as fluid as its edited cinematic counterpart, and the rendered characters and rooms seem a little off. Who knows — maybe that’s just a manifestation of the film’s underlying themes of bodily alienation.”

Here Be Dragons, formerly called, has produced some impressive VR experiences and 360-Videos. The VR studio worked on the “Mr. Robot” VR experience, as well as “The History of Cuban Dance” and “Catatonic.” The studio's newest release is virtually spoiler-free. So if you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t be spoiled by any plot points.

If you want to see the “Ghost In the Shell” on VR for yourself, check out the  “Ghost In The Shell VR Experience,” available now on Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Facebook 360.

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Image credit: Road to VR