Spatial Audio Capture for 360 Content Production

Kedar Shashidhar, our Associate Creative Director, has been always been obsessed with spatial audio — whether it's with virtual reality experiences, video games or music. Before working at OSSIC he had experience working in professional sound at EA, Impulsonic (now Steam VR), and even started his own indie game studio, Blackout VR.

Now at OSSIC, Kedar is the Associate Creative Director of OSSIC Studios. His focus is on creating spatial music, games, and other experiences that showcase the potential of 3D audio. In this talk on spatial audio, Kedar discusses how one should approach capturing 360 audio connect with ambisonic microphones, and how ambisonics continue to play an important role in the future of spatial audio production.

A big thanks to the local SDVR crew for letting us be a part of their amazing community.