Announcing OSSIC Creators Program

Audio Pioneers Wanted for OSSIC Creators Program

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the OSSIC Creators program, an exclusive platform built to empower a global community of content developers, musicians, artists, and sound designers to create the next generation of immersive audio experiences. The platform is available to individuals and companies alike.

Those accepted into the first class of the Creators Program will have early access to OSSIC technology for use in their project or experiences, and play a key role in shaping the future of audio. Select projects will also have the opportunity to be included as official launch content delivered with the OSSIC X this summer to an engaged, audio-focused community.

“The Creators Program truly embodies our mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible with sound,” says Jason Riggs, CEO of OSSIC. “We understand that it takes a community to make a big change, and this is our first step to empowering our own community to do just that. We’re excited to see, and hear, what people create.”

The program itself will center around the early shipment of the OSSIC X, a smart 3D-audio headphone launched last year. Through advanced anatomy calibration, the OSSIC X is able to unlock a new dimension of sound in headphones and will be a powerful tool to enable creators to develop the next audio frontier.

“The Creators Program is here to enable the community of 3D-audio pioneers from all types of media to create the best content possible - traditional games, VR, film, music, installations - we see 3D audio living in all areas.” says Sally Kellaway, Creative Director at OSSIC. “The paradigm shift that 3D audio is ushering in can only happen if the whole community is given the best tools and support possible, and we’re here to give that dynamic community of Creators the best start possible in this new frontier.”

We hope the Creators Program acts as a catalyst to a new content ecosystem that is poised and ready for 3D audio, and empower a community to create it from the ground level. It’s an exciting time for audio, and we’re excited to be a part of the journey.

A limited number of members will be chosen for the first round of the program with applications beginning today. We encourage individuals, studios, and teams who are interested in incorporating immersive audio into their work to apply.

Full program details and application can be found at our Creators Program page below: