The HTC Vive celebrates its first anniversary

Just one year ago today, HTC released their own statement on virtual reality: the Vive. While HTC wasn’t the first to release a consumer version of a VR headset, it came in to offer something a little more sophisticated when it was launched on April 5, 2016.

“It was also the first one to come with sophisticated motion controls, ushering in a completely new class of experiences,” said Adi Robertson, a writer with The Verge. “In some ways, the Vive’s launch was the moment that VR began feeling like a real industry, rather than a Facebook-backed passion project.”

While we won’t write off other VR platforms, such as the Oculus or PlayStationVR, the HTC Vive is definitely adding a unique voice to the conversation around immersive content and virtual reality.

“HTC Vive brought a premium experience to VR when the industry was still in its nascent months,” said Sally-anne Kellaway, OSSIC Studios Creative Director. “With its deep support of content developers, Vive kickstarted a wide and diverse ecosystem of developers and experiences and has continued to support those developers in its first year with Vive X, Viveport and provision of hardware and investment.”

It's clear from HTC's communications from CES 2017 and SVVR 2017 that the company intends on continuing this level of support and innovation. More importantly, developers have a lot to look forward to in the VR For Good program, Vive Tracker, Viveport Subscription and continued iterations of the Vive X accelerator program.

“We’re surprised every day by what our fans and developers have brought to VIVE in its first year,” said Daniel O’ Brien, US General Manager for HTC. “We’re astounded by the impact that VR is making in the home and in the enterprise, and we want to celebrate Vive’s first birthday by giving a bit back to our fans and by introducing Vive to more people.”

From all of us at OSSIC, happy anniversary!