OSSIC X Development and Shipment Update

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your continued patience as we finalize the development of the OSSIC X. There has been quite a lot of progress made on the OSSIC X headphones in the past month. Below are the latest updates:

Developer/Innovator Hardware Completion + Update

We’ve spent the past month finalizing the production of the Innovator/Developer units, which represents a significant project milestone. The hardware build of 220 Innovator/Developer units is now completed, and have been testing very well. Unlike the several earlier engineering builds, these units are fully tooled and very close to the the final production model. We also now have a full assembly line with production line operators to assemble units, and fixtures and test stations that are being fine-tuned for mass production.

In addition to fulfillment of the Innovator/Developer tier units, the units in this production batch are being used for the following:

  • Production Validation Testing (PVT): testing on the assembly line for quality and performance.

  • Engineering Validation Testing (EVT): all of our engineering team has been thoroughly testing the units against detailed test plans to ensure we are hitting specifications.

  • Design Verification Testing (DVT): we are checking how these pilot units perform to our comprehensive reliability and durability standards.  Those tests include a drop test, operational and non-operational temperature and humidity testing, button cycle testing, USB cable plug and unplug cycle testing, packaging shipment testing to name a few.

Software Progress

The OSSIC X is an integrated system with some of the most sophisticated audio software ever developed, using advanced adaptive algorithms and sensor inputs to deliver accurate 3D audio. Software is integral to the OSSIC X smart headphone system, and thus represents a major portion of the development timeline of the product. In the past several months we have made advancements on key software development projects, however there is still work to be done. These projects are outlined below:

  • Firmware Interoperability: We have implemented the DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) function and are testing reliability so users can upgrade the firmware easily as we continue to deploy new features.

  • App Development (Mac, PC, iOS, Android): The UX/UI of these apps are completed, testing is in progress for both the Mac and PC apps. Mobile will follow shortly.

  • OSSIC’s Proprietary Advanced Audio Signal Processing: These are the complex algorithms and system that form the heart of OSSIC’s technology. These algorithms are being programmed on our embedded DSP (mobile use-cases) and for PC and Mac hosts.

  • Developer FMOD Plugin: In addition to the core OSSIC X software development, the OSSIC team has been nearing completion of our alpha FMOD plugin for game engine integration.

  • Integrated Headtracker: We have upgraded the headtracker unit with a state of the art component and have integrated it into our software framework. The initial performance is much improved, with significant reduction in latency by making use of predictive physics. We are continuing to optimize.

While the OSSIC X hardware design is completed, some of the software development projects are running behind schedule. This means we are forced to delay the shipment of our first developer/innovator Kickstarter units until the initial software is ready to deploy, and thus the schedule of the delivery of all units has to be shifted. The updated schedule can be found below.

Kickstarter / Pre-Order Shipping Update:

Based on current project plans, our estimated ship date for Innovator/Developer Kickstarter units will be in August 2017. The remaining Kickstarter mass production units will begin shipping in October 2017, being released in tiers based on your order number. Immediately following the Kickstarter unit delivery will be Indiegogo and pre-order units.  

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions

We understand that many of you will be frustrated with this additional delay, and we’re working to quickly ready and deploy the beta software, get the Innovator/Developer units out, and continue toward mass production. If you have additional questions please reach out to us via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or email (info@ossic.com).

We’ll continue to keep you up to date and we truly appreciate your patience. Knowing that we have a community that believes in the future of 3D audio is what inspires us to keep innovating, and we are just as eager as you are to get your OSSIC X into your hands.


 Testing the Innovator / Developer units at the factory

Testing the Innovator / Developer units at the factory

Innovator / Developer units at the OSSIC headquarters

 Innovator / Developer units

Innovator / Developer units