OSSIC X Development Update: June 27, 2017

Hi everyone,   

This week’s update is a bit short, as we’re actually working on a series of videos right now that answer many of your frequently asked questions including connectivity, specs, music playback, USB-C, and more. Look for these videos to come out over the next several weeks.   

In the meantime, here are some brief updates from the past two weeks of #ossicxdevelopment:

Headtracker Improvements: 

We’re excited to see the progress with the new head tracker unit. We’ve spent the past week making improvements to the firmware and the response has been amazing. Some of you even got to test it out at E3 within the latest prototype!   

E3 Updates: 

Last week we attended E3, and we couldn’t believe how busy it was! It was great to meet the many of you who were able to drop by the booth to test out the new PB1 units. If you stopped by be sure to let others know your thoughts!  

 Some of the team at E3

Some of the team at E3

One of the big reasons we visit trade shows is to give backers like yourselves a chance to get hands-on experience with the product and meet the company that you’re helping to support. It’s also our chance to show you how far we’ve come with development and helping to spread the word about 3D audio to the tech community at large. If you have any questions about where we’ll be next, stay posted to our Facebook page and blog.

The team is also looking into some of the recent announcements we followed that came from E3 with regards to console audio. We will be able to address them after we perform a bit more internal testing with the latest PB1 units. Look for an update with more details later. Thank you for your patience as we work on this.  

Software Progress:

As we mentioned in the last update, the limited number of completed PB1 units are being used for intense engineering testing. We’ve been porting updated firmware to the headphone DSP and performed some basic quality control measures, while also continuing the software test process to ensure the headphone is compatible with our defined modes of operation. We’re excited to see progress here, as the software is an integral part of the OSSIC X technology platform.  

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend everyone. We’re always available to answer direct questions via info@ossic.com or on Facebook.    

- Team OSSIC