OSSIC Live: Interview with Simon Ashby, co-founder of Audiokinetic

In this OSSIC LIVE session, Simon Ashby, co-founder of Audiokinetic, gave his thoughts on the development of 3D audio technology and the future of the industry while at GDC 2017. Ashby is particularly enthusiastic about his product, Wwise, the powerful sound tool built by Audiokinetic. He noted that the program’s incorporation in VR, AR, and game development will allow sound designers to create more immersive and realistic audio experiences.

Currently, Audiokinetic is developing methods for capturing some of the sonic intricacies that have been traditionally difficult to reproduce. Ashby spoke about replicating the natural way the ear registers reflections, specifically regarding accurate reflection calculations based on the listener’s position in space, whether in a game or VR setting. Essentially, if a player were to walk closer to a wall in-game, causing a change in positional acoustics, Wwise would adjust sound reflections accordingly to provide a lifelike audio experience. Ashby also explained the challenge of reproducing the sound transition in doorways and between rooms—especially the transition between indoor and outdoor areas. He is enthusiastic about the progress of development, and aims to implement these functions into Wwise in the near future.

Above all, Ashby hopes to be able to give developers the tools to create fully immersive VR worlds, so that the end user is able to have the most engaging experience possible. With projects like Wwise pushing 3D audio forward, the ability to recreate organic soundscapes continues to improve.

If you’d like to learn more about Wwise and its applications, visit audiokinetic.com, or follow @audiokinetic on Twitter.

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