10 Ways You Know You're an Audiophile

As audiophiles, we love all things audio, from records, to speakers, to amplifiers, and cables—we just can’t get enough. We’re also prone to our fair share of quirks, and if any of the 10 items in this list apply to you, you’ll probably fit right in with us.


1. You have a pair of speakers that you can’t move by yourself.



2. Your current audio setup costs more than your first car.



3. Your bookshelves are full of records instead of books.



4. When you want to play some records, your electricity bill goes up. (Tubes, man!)


5. As soon as you put together the “perfect” setup, you already know what to upgrade next.



6. your friends Come to you for advice on which headphones or speakers to buy.



7. You’re inevitably frustrated when they settle on sub-par equipment.


8. Gear discussions with other audiophiles outside your local HiFi store last for hours.



9. Every “junk drawer” you have is bursting with cables.



10. After investing an untold amount of money into your equipment, you still can’t decide on a record to play.


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