OSSIC X Development Update: Sept 10,2017

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone had a great weekend (and a short week last week).

Development Update

In addition to stand-alone capabilities which we previewed in the last update, the control apps for Mac and PC are also coming along nicely.

On PC and Mac the OSSIC X requires a software bundle download, which includes the OSSIC drivers as well as a control app for the OSSIC X. This control app allows for firmware updates to the headphone as well as various settings and controls to be adjusted, but is not required for OSSIC X general use. The OSSIC X can also operate in stand-alone mode and functions can be accessed with the physical control buttons.

Other notes regarding the control app: 

  • App controls mirror the button functions on the headphone (you can use either one when operating the OSSIC X). 
  • App is not required for OSSIC X use with PC/Mac. 
  • App is required for firmware upgrades to headphone. 
  • App is not a media player - your media can be played from your favorite program (spotify, VLC, Netflix, game, etc).

In the video below, we show you the current development progress of this control app so you can have an idea of what to expect. Bear in mind this is very much an early version of this control app experience — additional functions will be added before the final product shipment.

That’s all for this week!

Feel free to send us any messages to info@ossic.com, Facebook, or Kickstarter.


- Team OSSIC

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