5 Games we love to hear

We all have a special place in our hearts for our favorite video games. It wasn’t just the awesome gameplay that made these games so great­–it was also the awesome sound design. Through amazing soundtracks, voice acting, and sound effects we’re drawn even closer to our favorite video games. (I still get excited every time I hear a song from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)

Hearing songs or even just iconic sound effects from our favorite games makes us happy–so let us share with you some of the games that have really done our ears right throughout the years.



Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


The audio in this game was just as engaging as the visuals–most notably the voice acting. Nathan Drake would make a better action lead than everyone getting casted in recent Hollywood movies. Combine that with all the realistic sounding guns, collapsing buildings, and derailed trains and you’ve got lots of food for your ears.

Halo: Combat evolved


Halo’s sound design team did a remarkable job rendering weapon sound effects that were ahead of its time. Halo had our favorite opera singers and orchestral strings working together to put out some of the most epic tracks you could possibly listen to while you fight off aliens –just listen to the theme song to be reminded of why our ears loved this game so much.

And oh yeah…let’s not forget the man behind “Double Kill­­, Triple Kill, Killtacular”, Jeff Steitzer–the greatest multiplayer announcer ever.

Portal 2

Portal 2’s sound team got pretty innovative with the interactive music environments they placed throughout the game that let you alter the game’s awesome electronic tracks in real-time­. This feature left many of us with no choice but to stay in the same room for hours trying to create the latest hot beats.


Simply put, this game won plenty of best sound track awards for a reason. Journey’s beautiful orchestral compositions by Austin Wintory are the perfect complement to the stunning yet simple visuals in this game.

Legend of zelda ocarina of time

Released back in ‘98, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time had the most fulfilling soundtrack of any game during it's time. The game was stacked with amazing tunes by the famous Koji Kondo, of the Mario Bros series. From the moment the title theme starts, Ocarina of Time doesn’t have a single song that isn’t gold. Not only do you get to hear lovely tunes while you play this game, you also get to create your own sweet tunes using the ocarina of time.

And if you're feeling adventurous, check out the Ocarina of Rhyme. It's a full hip-hop mash-up album made entirely from Legend of Zelda songs.



These are just a few of the games that have pleased our ears over the years. Tweet to @OssicVR and let us know what games were able to do the same for you.

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