FRIDAY UPDATE: The OSSIC Google Cardboard

Happy Friday OSSIC Army!

In this week’s update we’ll be giving you the rundown on two important items: Google Cardboards and the backer surveys.

Google Cardboards

We want to give a huge thank you to all of you who backed the OSSIC X on Kickstarter at our $25 Google Cardboard reward tier. We’ve been developing the Cardboards and are excited to bring you a sneak peak…

About Google Cardboard

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the Google Cardboard, it’s essentially a portable virtual reality device. You’ll download the Google Cardboard app on your smartphone, place your smartphone inside of the Google Cardboard, and hold the Cardboard up to your eyes to begin the experience. Not to worry, these instructions will be shipped with the Cardboard.

As for finding content to use with the Google Cardboard, check out Gizmag’s “Best VR Content for Google Cardboard” article here. In that article you’ll find some really cool content that was optimized for the device.

Cardboard Production

The manufacturing process has been running smoothly, and the cardboards themselves are almost ready for shipment. Jose (our COO) has been at the factory overseeing their design and production. We’re happy to say that we had a really good first development experience with our factory team. You can scope a preliminary look at an early design of the customized OSSIC Cardboard below.

 A preliminary look at the custom OSSIC Google Cardboard design.

A preliminary look at the custom OSSIC Google Cardboard design.

Before we go... a quick note on backer surveys

Okay folks, all of you backers should have your backer surveys in your email inbox by end of day Friday! Please take a look at those and fill them out at your earliest convenience. In them we’ll be collecting your shipment info as well as your feedback regarding how you will choose to use your OSSIC X so that we can optimize for the future accordingly. Remember, you were and always will be a guiding source for our team, and your opinions truly matter to this product and its continued success, so we look forward to hearing what you have to say!

We hope you've enjoyed this Friday update! We'll talk to you next week!