Everyone knows that virtual reality is starting to take over. Industry after industry is realizing the potential that VR provides for their line of work, and developers are investing in it like never before. People from all over the world are hard at work on their visions for the future of VR, and you wouldn’t believe what some people have been cooking up until you get the chance to go to a conference that’s all about VR.

Now imagine this kind of hype within the tech startup hub of the world, Silicon Valley, and you’ve got the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo. Put on by the group known as SVVR and headed by Jon Oakes, the conference provides three full days of the latest and greatest in VR technology, and it’s a dream to any future-lovers, OSSIC included. Our CEO Jason Riggs, our CTO Joy Lyons, our Marketing Manager Kristen Long, and our Marketing Coordinator Jordan Coburn all made the trek to San Jose this weekend to bring the VR community the 3D audio revolution at SVVR 2016 April 27th-29th. 

Pictured below: (From left to right) Kristen, Jason and Jordan having a great time at the Upload VR reception the first night of the conference!

OSSIC was lucky enough to have exhibited our 3D audio once again at SVVR and it’s incredible to think about how far we’ve come since just one year ago. Last year we had lots of folks coming up to us wanting to try our technology, but it was nothing compared to this year! There wasn’t one moment where there wasn’t a person demoing either our Pink Floyd 3D audio music demo (which you’ve got to try) or our Valve Dota 2 Secret Shop demo with the Vive + our 3D audio (which you’ve also got to try). Just like at SXSW in March, we were incredibly lucky to meet lots of our backers in person! We even got to meet our official Kickstarter Backer #14, who’s pictured below!

Pictured below: Our 14th Kickstarter Backer, Tim, that we were so lucky to get to thank in person!

It was once again music to our ears to hear folks saying things like, “Wow, that is THE most immersive experience I’ve ever had,” and “I don’t think I can ever listen to Pink Floyd again without hearing it like this,” about our 3D audio. To be told these things unprompted is so satisfying for our team, especially when they’re coming from other folks in the VR field who are making experiences that we feel highly intrigued about as well.

Pictured below: Our friend Greg from Upload VR reveling in the glory of Pink Floyd in OSSIC 3D audio!

Going to these conferences also gives us the chance to see what other projects people are working on that could benefit from OSSIC 3D audio. Seeing these projects really excites us because they give us ideas for more immersive experiences that we can bring to you down the line. For example, The Wave is a group that created a virtual deejaying experience that provides a user-friendly interface within an HMD setup for anyone to hop in the virtual world and deejay for a virtual audience. The Wave even virtually deejayed the official SVVR reception in which no deejay gear but the Vive was required, and that was really a sight to see. Imagine if you could be a deejay in there, and if you had OSSIC 3D audio around you. It’d seriously be like you were there on the dance floor!

Pictured below: A virtual reality party to remember... The Wave performed a DJ set strictly in VR!

All in all, we had a really great time up in San Jose this week and want to say thank you to SVVR for hosting such a cool environment for all of the VR folks to geek out, and for giving us a space to meet folks that we could potentially create some really great experiences with for you, 3D audio army! It was great to see our friends at Upload VR, SubPac, The Wave, and more whose work we’ve been following from the beginning. We can’t wait to keep meeting folks in VR who are doing amazing things, and to work together to revolutionize audio forever through OSSIC 3D audio.

Have a great week, OSSIC Army!