What information do I need to submit to qualify for the program?

You will be able to view the full application form prior to submitting.  We will need to learn about you, what work you have done (your credentials and skills), what projects you are working on, their hardware and software pipelines and your influence in your industry.

When will I know whether I am accepted?

We want to get the unit in your hands as soon as possible. We will be making final selections soon and will send an email notifying all applicants of the results.

Is there any type of preferred content? Do I need to make VR games?

At OSSIC, we believe that all content can benefit from 3D Audio technology (this is why the headphone works with traditional stereo or surround content, as well as 3D Objects and Ambisonics content).  We are open to receiving applications from content creators across all verticals, however, we will consider consumer accessibility to your content as part of your application.

When will I receive my OSSIC X early unit?

Upon acceptance to the program, we will communicate with you to determine which group of creators we can assign you to.  Depending on your project type, hardware and software pipelines, you will receive a different ship date for 2018.

What software pipeline do you offer for developers?

The OSSIC X Development pipeline is outlined in more detail on the OSSIC website.  We offer tools for linear (eg, music, film) and interactive (eg, games, simulation) pipelines, as well as traditional media.

What engagement is required to be a part of the program?

Creators in the program are required to be working on a piece of content that can facilitate the integration the OSSIC X hardware.  Creators and the work they produce with the OSSIC X headphones will be featured on OSSIC owned networks, and selected works will be invited to be Featured Content.

Are there any agreements to take part in the program?

This will depend on what content you are creating and how deeply your partnership with OSSIC extends.  At the minimum, you will be required to sign an NDA that will have stipulations about what you can communicate about the OSSIC Beta Society and the OSSIC X Headphone.  Creators that are invited to have their content featured will have additional agreements in place to guide this level of partnership and make sure everyone involved gets adequate representation and value.