OSSIC X Shipment and Development STATUS

Thank you for being a supporter of the OSSIC X! This page contains the latest shipment information and consolidated development updates for the OSSIC X project. We're always available at info@ossic.com with any questions. 

Estimated ship dates:

Kickstarter Innovator/Developer units ($1000 Pledge Tier): Shipped!

Kickstarter units ($199-$279 Pledge Tiers): Spring 2018, email updates will be provided closer to production with more specific shipping dates per tier.

2017 Indiegogo InDemand and website pre-orders: Immediately following all Kickstarter unitsupdates will be provided closer to production

2018 Indiegogo InDemand pre-orders: Late 2018

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Information About PRODUCT DelayS

The OSSIC X is a sophisticated audio product, and its development involves a meticulously coordinated effort between software and hardware development teams. At OSSIC, those teams are comprised of a small group of researchers, engineers, and acoustic experts. What we may lack in size, we make up for with our collective industry experience, creativity and desire to push forward and develop revolutionary ideas. That all is enabled by the great support of our backers who believe in what we're building. For that we are very grateful.

During the course of development of the OSSIC X, as with the development of any advanced product, there have been challenges and product improvements that were not always foreseen ahead of time. While delays are undesirable, they are sometimes necessary to ensure we not only complete the OSSIC X, but also deliver a best-in-class audio product into your hands.

Throughout this process we have been doing our best to share our development milestones, both positive and less so, with our backers on a monthly basis. You can find some of those updates below. We understand that the wait has been long, and we thank you for your patience with the project.

If you have any feedback as to how we can keep you more informed during the development process, please let us know at info@ossic.com.

Thank you for helping to make the future of audio a reality.

Latest Product Updates

To get the latest information the status of the product check out our product updates on our blog www.ossic.com/blog or view some of the latest updates below: